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Our Company, Your Possibilities

XRX Technologies the leading systems integrator in the region. We partner with the world’s leading technology inventors and grow the best talent in the industry to provide you technology solutions that power your business.

Is your company focusing on what matters?
On any given day, how much of your time do you really spend focusing on your core business?  Too often, too much of our attention is wasted on inefficient activities that rob valuable resources..

XRX is driven by a strong passion to revolutionize the way companies use technology to enhance their operations in the region.  Now, more than ever before, technology powers business. It is the backbone that corporations, governments and SMEs rely on to offer top-notch services to their customers.




We believe that no matter what size, every business is unique and every business is driven to improve results. What’s right for one business might not be right for you - so we craft unique solutions that suit the individual needs of our clients.

For us, growth is inevitable.

We aim to be the most trusted technology partner in the region.

  • Vision: “ To be East Africa’s IT solution provider of choice. ”
  • Mission: “ To help our customers do great work. ”
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